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This is Holland; See the Netherlands in just 1 hour! + Flight Experience

Descripción ampliada HAVE YOU EVER DREAMED OF FLYING OVER THE NETHERLANDS? NOW YOU CAN! Experience a unique 5D flight over all the must-sees in the Netherlands. Feel the wind through your hair as you fly over Dutch world heritage sties. Smell the tulips and see the Windmills and Delta Protection works form an aerial perspective.

THIS IS HOLLAND is a unique flying experience: it doesn’t just show you the Netherlands, it lets you live it. Breath taking filming gives you a spectacular perspective from the air and new insights into how the Netherlands was created. Thanks to the astonishing special effects projected on a huge domed screen, you feel like you’re soaring over the must-sees sites of the Netherlands. The term ‘Time flies, when you’re having fun!” couldn’t be more appropriate here, before you know it, you’re outside again, with an unforgettable experience to last a life time.

First, you get an overview of how the Netherlands was created: how it was made by people who weren’t deterred by all the water. Using mounds, dikes, windmills and polders, they succeeded in reclaiming land from the sea, creating this extraordinary country below sea level.

The highpoint of THIS IS HOLLAND is The Flight Experience: you feel like you’re really flying. Your seat will tilt during the eight-minute long film that guides you through a breath taking journey along many beautiful places in our country. Atmospheric effects like wind, mist and smells, makes it feel as though you’re really flying through the air, crossing dikes and braving storms. Take your seat... fasten your seatbelt... and fly!

After the flight you can relax in our Holland lounge. THIS IS HOLLAND devotes special attention to the 10 areas of the Netherlands that are listed as official UNESCO World Heritage sites. You’ll find out a lot about the Netherlands in a very short time!

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Starting point:
This is Holland, Overhoeksplein 51

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Opening dates
10:00 - 21:00
Last Admission Time: 20:00

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Zona o regiónAmsterdam and vicinity
Dirección / Punto de encuentroOverhoeksplein,51